Infrared Sauna

Destress, Rest & Heal

The mPulse sauna is the only line of smart full spectrum infrared saunas in the world with 3-in-1™ (near, mid and far) infrared sauna technology.

Infrared Sauna

​Fully customisable to safely and effectively target your wellness needs through six integrated pre-set wellness programs. Giving you the feeling of warm summer sun without the harsh UV rays, whilst delivering a customised program to your needs.

An Android touchscreen is integrated into the mPulse sauna that allows customisation of temperature, time. Stay entertained through apps such as Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify or browse the internet.

The mPulse uses a blend of near, mid and far infrared heat to support the following:

  • Near Infared: cell/health immunity, wound healing, skin purification, & pain relief.
  • Mid Infrared: pain relief, improved circulation & weight loss.
  • Far Infrared: weight loss, detoxification, blood pressure reduction & relaxation.

Price List

  • $35 PER SESSION (45 mins)
  • Buy 9 sessions and get the 10th FREE!


  • Pack One: sauna & shower – $45 – 1 hour
  • Pack Two: enjoy an exfoliating body brush treatment before your sauna, freshen up with a shower, followed by an Aveda stress fix creme rub application – $95 – 1 hr & 45mins
  • Pack Three: start your detox treatment in our infra sauna, followed by a mineral salt scrub in our private day spa rooms – $95 – 1hr & 30 mins
  • Pack Four: freshen up with our body brush rub to kick start your blood circulation preparing you for your sauna session, completed with a full body natural mud wrap treatment in our private day spa rooms – $170 – 2 hrs & 15 mins

We Are Open

After much thought and consideration, as of Monday 27th April 2020, Silk will be re-opening, with strict guidelines in place.