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At Silk Hair Skin Body, we work hard to make sure that you can completely trust our expertise and recommendations. So when it comes to endorsing hair, skin and body products, we do our research. The Silk team has carefully tested every product we carry, which means we truly believe in their results. It’s important to our salon that the products we carry are not only up to the highest standards of quality that our clients deserve, but are also cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly.

Khairpep’s product range aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainable practices whilst also nourishing and revitalising even the most damaged hair, leaving it healthier, stronger and more beautiful than before.

About Khairpep Products

The Khairpep’s Transforme range is a blessing for severely damaged or fragile hair. Be amazed by the truly transformative effects that this range has on desperately dehydrated hair.

Khairpep products are clinically proven to have unbelievable results. The K18Peptide™, Khairpep’s own patented peptide, was developed after the discovery of a protein fragment that has the unique ability to bind with the keratin proteins. These keratin proteins make up our hair strands, providing them with strength and nourishment.

The science may not be simple – but the results are.

Khairpep Transforme Leave-In Hair Masque

The Transforme Leave-In Hair Masque is a therapeutic hair treatment that repairs, nourishes and enhances the elasticity of hair. Imparting lasting moisture to every strand, this miracle masque will reverse damage and return your hair to its healthier, shinier self.

Khairpep Transforme Leave-In Hair Repair Masque Treatment Program

This refined treatment program is clinically proven to repair the strength and elasticity of hair which has been damaged by colouring, bleaching, relaxing, perming or heat. The masque penetrates deep into the roots to ensure permanent results that won’t wash out, leaving you with long-lasting, gloriously soft and youthful hair.

Why Visit Silk Hair Skin Body?

At Silk Hair Skin Body, we breathe new life into your hair every time you visit:

  • We never stop learning – despite the years and years of experience we have in the hairdressing business, we make sure the entire Silk team is constantly improving their knowledge and expertise. By attending seminars and courses throughout the year, we are able to maintain the high standard of service we pride ourselves on.
  • We exclusively use products that we trust to deliver outstanding results whilst ensuring they align with our salon’s commitment to reducing our environmental impact. If we wouldn’t it use it on ourselves, we won’t use it on our beautiful clients either.
  • We believe that you should be able to pamper and take care of your hair even after you leave the salon. That’s why the Silk team takes the time to identify and carry the very best, natural and eco-friendly products on the market, so you can take some of the luxury and quality of the Silk experience home with you.

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