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Do you want luxurious acrylic nails that will leave your hands feeling elegant

and sophisticated?

At Silk Hair Skin Body, we can give your hands and nails the pampering they

deserve. After all, we use our hands for practically everything and yet they

rarely receive any care and attention. Our premium acrylic nail service will

ensure that your hands and nails are able to indulge in the rest and

rejuvenation they require.

When you come to Silk for acrylic nails, you will be looked after by our

charismatic and friendly expert, Kristyn. Through careful consultation, Kristyn will determine the look you’re going for and help to make your dreams come true while complementing your personal style.

As well as being incredibly stylish, acrylic nails are strong, long-lasting and can completely transform your hands. Even if you’re a chronic nail-biter and are self-conscious about the state of your nails, our acrylics will provide you with beautiful nails you can be proud of and that you will want to flaunt as much as possible.

When it comes to acrylics, Silk offers an extensive range or colours, shapes and styles. When paired with our experienced and talented family’s creative flair, the result is elegant and glamorous nails that will give you an extra confidence boost in your daily life.

Long natural fingernails

Silk’s Manicure and Pedicure Services

Silk’s manicure and pedicure services perfectly complement our acrylic nail treatment and will provide you with the pampering you deserve. So, why not pair a manicure with your acrylic nails?

Our hands and feet are often neglected, even though we put them through so much. That’s why Silk’s manicures and pedicures provide your hands and feet with the ultimate indulgence that will leave them feeling soft and elegant. The 30-minute treatment is the perfect way for your weary hands and feet to feel rested and rejuvenated.

About Silk Hair Body

At Silk Hair Skin Body, we pride ourselves on cultivating a friendly, cosy and welcoming environment that will make you feel relaxed and peaceful as soon as you step through our salon’s doors. Located in the heart of Mount Martha Village in the Mornington Peninsula, the Silk salon aims to provide you with the luxurious pampering you deserve.

Our caring, friendly and talented Silk family will do everything possible to ensure you feel comfortable and that your hair, skin and body dreams are made a reality. We really take the time to get to know you, your taste and your vision so that we can tailor our services to you. We want you to leave our salon feeling confident and radiant from the inside out.

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If you’re interested in booking an appointment, contact our friendly team at any time.

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Prices effective from October 2021 are subject to change without notice.

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