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Aduro Aus Personal LED Mask

Have you heard about the amazing results that can be achieved with LED light therapy?

LED therapy is a professional treatment that can be used to target specific concerns on your skin and even whiten your teeth, for a complete beauty package. This smart technology is being used by women and men around the world to achieve more youthful, radiant looking skin and to address common problems such as pigmentation, acne, enlarged pores and discoloured teeth.

When you come in for a light therapy treatment at our luxurious salon, you will be treated to a pampering experience that will leave you feeling deeply relaxed. Our appointments begin with an in-depth consultation so we can understand what you’re looking for and what you hope to achieve from your LED treatment. We tailor our treatments to your individual needs, and we can advise you on the best therapy choices for your specific skin type.

Our beautiful salon is located in the centre of Mount Martha Village on the Mornington Peninsula. Come into our calming and welcoming space to enjoy a truly luxurious experience.

How does LED Light Theraphy Work

At Silk Hair Skin Body, we use the amazing Aduro Australia light therapy devices to provide incredible results. The Aduro device combines the benefits of 7 LED colours with added infra-red skin boosting technology to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Our light therapy device features 267 LED lights, each with the capability to provide different colour light wavelengths. Each treatment can be tailored for the individual needs of the client, applying multiple-coloured lights to four different areas of the face in a single, twenty minute session. The colours include:

  • Red for anti-ageing

  • Green to even skin tone

  • Orange for revitalisation

  • Purple for cell rejuvenation

  • Blue to reduce acne

  • Yellow to reduce redness

  • Cyan to soothe and soften

  • Infra-red for an intense skin boost.

Over the course of twelve LED light therapy treatments, clients can expect to see skin becoming firmer, more hydrated and glowing, with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

Discover your freshest and most radiant skin with LED light therapy facials. Our specialist LED technology uses different kinds of light depending on your specific skin concerns. With light therapy facials, you can reverse the effects of sun damage, brighten dark circles around the eyes, reduce pigmentation, calm broken capillaries, shrink the appearance of pores and even cure acne breakouts.

woman getting LED therapy pink light

LED Light Theraphy Teeth Whitening

Want a dazzling white smile? If your teeth have stains and discolouration due to food, drink and lifestyle factors, you may feel self-conscious about smiling in photos or showing your teeth to new people. The LED light therapy teeth whitening solution is the fast, painless way to whiten your teeth and achieve the smile you deserve!

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