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At Silk Hair Skin Body, we want everyone who visits our salon to feel like the most beautiful version of themselves.

We can help you achieve your body goals with our non-invasive body contouring, brazilian butt lifts, and fat cavitation. All these treatments help re-shape your body for a lifted, toned look. Combined with our skin tightening facial treatments for youthful, radiant skin and you’ll be glowing—from the outside in.

Our safe, gentle treatments remove the need for painful surgical procedures that require prolonged recovery times. You won’t believe how easy it is to achieve amazing results!

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Ultrasound Body Contouring

Every body is beautiful and unique, but many of us have little things we’re not quite happy with. Perhaps you’re finding it hard to shift some of your post-baby weight, want to reduce or treat your cellulite, or maybe you just can’t fit exercise into your busy schedule.

Silk Hair Skin Body offers body contouring services using the power of safe and non-invasive ultrasound technology, giving you the boost you need to reach your body goals. Our body contouring treatments sculpt and tone your body using the power of sound waves, to give you the sexy, confident body you’ve always dreamed of.

How It Works

We use a process called ultrasound fat cavitation. This ground-breaking technology removes the need for invasive surgeries like liposuction, allowing you to achieve the same results without the pain or long recovery time. A specialised ultrasound handpiece is applied to areas of stubborn fat and cellulite, and low frequency sound waves target and disrupt fat cells. Fat is broken down and naturally dispelled from the body via the lymphatic system.


Common Treatment Zones

Our body contouring system is so simple and painless, it can be used on almost any area of the body. Some common treatment zones include:

  • stomach

  • thighs

  • buttocks

  • upper arms

  • hips

  • jowls

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Radio frequency skin tightening is a scientifically-proven method of tightening and toning the skin. If your skin is sagging, wrinkling, or just not looking as good as it used to, this anti-wrinkle facial treatment can deliver fast, effective results.

Our pain-free and non-invasive treatments improve skin elasticity and firmness, smooth uneven skin tone, and reduce fine lines, wrinkles dark circles and bags under the eyes, giving you a younger and more radiant look the moment you leave the salon. It truly is the most effective non-surgical face lift available.

How It Works

Radio frequency skin tightening works by generating heat which is transferred to the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin. The heat causes the tissue to retract, resulting in tighter and firmer looking skin instantly. It’s quick, painless and with no downtime, it fits in perfectly with your busy lifestyle.

radio frequency therapy treatment

Common Treatment Zones

The radio frequency skin tightening system is gentle enough to use on all areas of your body. Some common treatment zones include:

  • face

  • neck

  • jowls

  • décolletage

  • stomach

  • buttocks

  • thighs

  • arms

Results Ultrasound Body Contouring

Proven Results

Join the thousands of women creating their dream bodies with the help of ultrasound and radio frequency technology. The SlimLUX system used at Silk Skin Body is medically-proven to deliver impressive results.

You won’t believe how quickly your skin starts to look smoother and more youthful, and how easily those stubborn fat areas begin to melt away. Just a few pain free sessions will leave you with a smooth, tight and toned body that you will be dying to show off!

Pre-pay any 4 treatments receive the 5th FREE

Fat Cavitation & Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Combined

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Body Bootiful Bride

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