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Kevin Murphy hair colour products perfectly align with our commitment to carrying only the best in luxury hair care brands. With quality ingredients that repair and rejuvenate your hair, and beautiful results that allow for fun and creativity with colour, Kevin Murphy hair colour products are exactly what Silk clients need.

The team at Silk Hair Skin Body are experts in luxury hair care, and we know what makes a fantastic, high quality hair product. We love every product that we use and carry in store, and we carefully test each one to make sure it meets our high standards. When it comes to hair products, we will only ever recommend brands and ranges that care for your hair, deliver amazing results, and are also cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly.

About Kevin Murphy Hair Colour Products

Kevin Murphy products are designed to provide strength and hydration to your hair so that you can create a runway-ready look at home. Their philosophy is to use natural ingredients that are organically grown or wild harvested, resulting in the highest quality hair care products that are kinder to the environment. Vitamins and amino acids restore damaged hair and split ends to create thicker, healthier hair.

The Colour.Me by Kevin Murphy range has been developed to delivery outstanding, multi-tonal results for dynamic and fully customised hair colour. With no ammonia, the range of color products gently rejuvenated and hydrates the hair for added shine and volume.

Color.Me By Kevin.Murphy Shades

This incredible range of high-performance shades deliver natural-looking colour results. Designed to respect the natural colour patterns found in your hair, this colour adds dimension to every strand and creates long-lasting, vibrant colour. Explore shades ranging from Ash and Blonde to Copper, Gold, Mahogany and Black.

Color.Me By Kevin.Murphy Shades

Add these vitalised boosters to any Color.Me By Kevin.Murphy Shade to enhance your colour . With ingredients including honey, pomegranate, shea butter and rose hip oil, coloured hair is made softer and smoother for beautiful movement and shine.

Why Visit Silk Hair Skin Body?

At Silk Hair Skin Body, we are passionate about creating a truly indulgent beauty experience for you.

  • Our team of stylists and hair care specialists have years of experience and are knowledgeable about all kinds of styles, techniques and methods for creating the perfect look for you. We are constantly working to improve and learn new skills so that we can provide the highest quality service to you.

  • We believe in every product that we use in salon, and we only carry the best in beautiful, nurturing, environmentally friendly hair care products. If we wouldn’t it use it on ourselves, we won’t use it on our beautiful clients. All our products are designed to deliver outstanding results for you, and our talented team will always recommend the best pampering hair care for you to use at home so that you can continue to enjoy your beautiful hair.

  • Our gorgeous salon has been designed to create a haven of luxury and relaxation, with a calming interior and a full range of indulgent experiences to enjoy. Experience full body pampering with our hair, face, body and nails services.

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