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brow laminating


Lie back and relax as our expert clinicians treat your brows to the gold-standard of treatments.
At Silk Hair Skin Body, we want our clients to feel pampered and de-stressed every time they visit, and our brow laminating service is no exception.

Unwind with a complimentary Aveda tea in the salon’s lounge before the lamination process. This will give you the chance to ask our friendly and hospitable team for recommendations or advice. With years of experience in creating perfect brows, they can help you achieve the ideal look. The calming and relaxing environment at our salon ensures that clients feel comfortable voicing any and all concerns they may have. You can be sure that your expectations will be surpassed by our talented and attentive team.

About Our Brow Laminating Service

Brow laminating is the perfect solution for unruly brows. Our beauty therapist will infuse your brow hairs with a special, formulated keratin that will relax and soften the hairs to make them more cooperative. This means your brows can be manipulated into the direction of growth you prefer.

If you have asymmetrical brows or brows that grow in a varying pattern, our lamination service will produce a more smooth and consistent effect. Achieve the perfect shape and fullness that you desire, without the need for fiddly makeup routines. Our clinicians are experts at creating beautiful brows that complement your facial features, and we’re sure that you will leave the salon in love with your new look.


Included in our lamination service is a follow-up brow perfecting appointment as well as a complimentary aftercare kit. At Silk Hair Skin Body, we make sure every client receives the highest quality service tailored to their individual needs.

About Silk Hair Skin Body

At our Mount Martha village salon, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being inexperienced and capable hands. Our passionate team not only have the creative and technical abilities to deliver your dream look but also contribute to the calming and inviting atmosphere of our salon in the process.

Our salon strives towards being completely sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Silk Hair Skin Body aspires to the highest standards both ethically and in the quality of our services.

Every visit to our salon is a chance to relax, to escape and to unwind. Our talented team of hairstylists and beauty therapists will take the time to understand your needs and ensure you always feel pampered and content at our salon.

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