Showpony Hair Extensions

At Silk Hair Skin Body, we’re very particular about the products and brands we use. As a sustainable salon, we only use natural and environmentally-friendly products. We also carefully research and test all the products we source and stock to ensure that they are of the highest quality and will deliver long-lasting outstanding results. Showpony hair extensions ticks all the boxes of luxury, sustainability, and quality.

showpony hair extensions As Australia’s premier hair extensions company, Showpony is leading the way when it comes to the intersection of hair and fashion. The quality and range of their products have led to international recognition and the brand is used and loved by celebrities, fashion icons and celebrity hair stylists. 

Clip In Hair Extensions, Halo and Pony

If you have a special event coming up, Showpony clip in hair extensions can provide you with a showstopping hair style that is here today and gone tomorrow. Available in a range of colours and lengths, they add instant length and volume to your hair without damaging it. The Halo and Hair Pony are also perfect for providing easy, non-committal, instant glam.

You can even style your Showpony clip in hair extensions however you like, with heat resistance up to 180 degrees. That way you can seamlessly blend the extensions with your own hair and immediately feel fabulous.  

Permanent Hair Extensions

If you want to add length and volume to your hair for a day-to-day basis, then Showpony’s Permanent Hair Extensions are perfect for you. Made of 100% Remy hair, they’re incredible for partial work, filling gaps, adding volume and length, and applying highlights and ombre looks. Available in a variety of natural colours, lengths and textures, Showpony’s Permanent Hair Extensions will add an element of glamour and luxury to your everyday life.


Along with their incredible hair extensions, Showpony also has a range of haircare to ensure your hair extensions continue to look fantastic for as long as possible.

Showpony Hair Extension Shampoo

Specially formulated for Showpony’s extensions, this shampoo provides a deep cleanse that removes product build-up without compromising the longevity or strength of your extensions.

Showpony Hair Extension Conditioner

Showpony’s beloved conditioner provides your thirsty hair with the hydration is needs. This conditioner is formulated to strengthen and protect your hair while providing moisture and enhancing shine.

Luminous Mist

This paraben-free pick-me-up is perfect for any occasion; it tames frizz and fly-aways, increases shine, and can even be an on-the-go treatment for your dry ends. This modern-day multi-tasker will help you to feel fantastic no matter when or where you are.

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